About eSampler and ideas!


I’m very interested in what you do. I’ve been actually having a blast triggering video using midi in sync with my music using Live and eSampler. I very much like the snap and responsiveness of triggering video and the speed function to imitate vinyl scratching effects in eSampler! I’ve done videos like that back in 2004 but by chopping video in NLE softwares :grin:.

There is room for improvements in eSampler. I have already few ideas which I’m sure you might be working on them already but I’m listing them bellow anyway:

  1. Ability to freely move slices.
  2. Reverse video+audio. Use the speed knob clockwise for forward and anticlockwise for reverse?
  3. Choose which midi note triggers what slice.
  4. Ability to type the exact time of each slice.
  5. Bigger display of the waveform like the Simpler of Live.
  6. Ability to midi map the trigger/gate button. Very useful when performing live and using a release pedal.
  7. It would be nice to be able to have a dedicated trigger/gate button for audio and video.

These are some of my observations while playing around with eSampler.

P.S.: Have you thought of braking your EboSuite into small products? You should think about that! I know your target maybe is VJs. But many other and me who are music producers maybe don’t need all the extras for the moment other than eSampler. I wish I could only purchase eSampler and choose to buy the rest later if I want. Make it possible for us to buy eSampler apart!

Best regards and be safe!

Hi Zodiac, good to hear you are havig fun using EboSuite :star_struck: I am sure it makes it much more easy to musically edit videos than NLE’s in 2004 :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the eSampler.

  1. We added that functionality in the next update, that will be available soon.
  2. Yes, that would be a great addition. It is on our list.
  3. You can use Ableton’s ‘Scale’ device to choose which midi note triggers what slice (see below). You might also be able to find good Max for Live devices online to do this.
  4. We added that functionality in the next update, that will be available soon.
  5. We might do that in the future. I will add that request to our list.
  6. We added that functionality in the next update, that will be available soon.
  7. That is a bit complex, I will add it to our list, but it will take a while before we will look into that.

We might offer different EboSuite plug-in sets in the future. But we haven’t planned that yet.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 19.42.23