Ableton Live Set freezes at startup

I created a simple project with one track with one eClips, one eOutput. The track contain 25 Hap videos (1080p 30fps quality 25 no alpha).
Yesterday it was working fine, slow but fine. Today I cannot start the project anymore, Ableton freezes at startup.
I am going back in the Time Machine to see at what point it got corrupted but it seems like I can’t even start the very first version of the file.
here is a link to the file:’.als?dl=0
Ableton Live 10.0.6 - macOS 10.14.3
any help would be appreciated,

Hi Florent, I downloaded the project and was able to open it without problems. I saved it and uploaded it to Google Drive. Can download it and try it out? What happens when you open it without the media files?

thanks so much for trying it out Jeroen!
Indeed, it seems like the issue is related to the files, as the project starts fine without them
it’s strange since they are pretty standard mov/hap files exported from Ableton
I will try to recompress them and will let you know if that solves the issue

If you find out which file causes the issue you can send it to us ( We will then have a look and try to figure out what’s happening.

Thanks again Jeroen.
It seems like the issue is coming from the multitude of video formats downloaded from youtube and placed on Ableton Live’s timeline. Once I removed these videos, the combination Ebo/Hap is working as expected and the project opens fine! Nothing wrong with Ebo!

Ah! Good to hear. Thanks for letting us know. Cheers.