Ableton automation override issue

For whatever reason ableton thinks that the recorded parameter automation, is being overridden during playback. Causing the “re-enable automation button” to come on instantly. So whatever automation you have recorded just turns grey during playback.

I tested it in another ableton set and the automation works just fine w/ out ebosuite loaded up.

… Ahh so ebo seems to be disrupting the midi control surface (MPK mini) as it doesnt recognize already mapped macros. and i have to reset ableton after every knob i map… I have midi signal tho.

Any suggestions? … thinking it’s just a bug.

on mojave


hi cycloptoad,
Sorry for the delay and sorry to hear about your issues.
When does this override issue happen? does it happen with certain devices?

I don’t know how EboSuite could interact with your MPK mini mapping. We don’t interfere with that at all as far as I know. Why do you have to reset ableton after every mapped knob? And what do you mean with reset? save and load the set you are working on?

Can you send an example set where this happens? we also have a couple of MPK mini’s in the studio.

I hope you can tell us more about what is going on and what you experience.