2 projections with soft edge

i know, ebo has not the option to do that. future plans? but now? syphon out and go? which software would you recommend? 2 projectors with soft edge… low cpu as possible…
thank you,

Hi Abanze, one way would be to send the output of EboSuite to MadMapper with the eSyphonOut plug-in. It is a bit inconvenient that the output window of EboSuite needs to be the same size as the Syphon output. So if you send a large image to split up over two projectors the EboSuite output window will be large as well. In EboSuite 1.7 you can separate that to have a small output window while sending a large image to MadMapper.

If your computer doesn’t support connecting multiple screens/projectors, you could use the Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2go.
You can send the EboSuite output to multiple projectors directly with this device as well, but MadMapper offers more options to make the EboSuite output fit the projection surface.