Warp function in Esampler?

Hey all,
I’m triggering rythmic video+audio via slices in Esampler. I noticed that when i change the tempo within Live, the video+audio from the Esampler doesn’t warp with it, and runs out of sync.
In the manual it seems there is a ‘warp’ button added to the Esampler, however in my version (1.61) i can’t see it. Is there a ‘warp’ function implemented or am i doing something wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Fred,
To enable the warp button you need to drag a warped clip from an audio track into it (and the .asd file needs to be saved before that.

here is a copy of the relevant info from the manual about this:

Warped video
If a warped clip is dragged into the eSampler the warp option appears (this will not appear when you drag a file from the library or finder). A copy is made of the warping information that is stored in the .asd file at the moment of dragging.
Engaging warp means that it will time stretch the video, so that it plays according to the current tempo (please note that changing the tempo while a note is held is not supported yet). Tuning must be on to enable the timestretch/ pitching engine, and the tuning mode that is chosen will affect the sound (and cpu load) of the warped result.


Hi Timo, thanks for your reply.
Does this also work with the ‘slice’ option enabled in the Esampler?
Because when i have this enabled i’m unable to warp the audio+video.
I followed the manual by warping a clip and then loading it into Esampler, but i’d like to slice it then and trigger the warped slices.

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Hi @Timo,

Is version 1.61 able to also warp the audio+video when the option ‘slice’ is enabled?
Or would this maybe an option in the future?

Thanks in advance.

HI Fred,
Sorry, that is not yet possible. Yes, it is indeed on the feature request list.

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Ok thanks. Would love to see that option implemented!

Is there anything to say about when this feature would be implemented?
Would this be in a minor update or in a more extensive update?

Hi Fred,
Currently it is hard to say when this will be implemented, but it is on the request list. We are a small team but are working hard to improve EboSuite every day, so I hope we can add this to the eSampler in the near future.

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