Using a bunch of eSimpler's in a drumrack

Hi! I made a drumrack with a few eSimplers (using mp4 footage) and I found out that if I save and open the project again, there is no image anymore in the ebosuite screen. Does anyone have the same problem? Great 1.5 update btw :wink:

I am not able to reproduce this issue. Can you tell me a bit more about how your project is set up?
Are there messages in the Max Window (image below shows how to open the Max Window)?

Hi Jeroen, I get these messages.

Would it help if I send you the project compiled?

I am using Live Beta 10.1b18 (this could be the problem)

Here is the project folder

Thanks! I’ll have look. Is there anything in the Max Window?

I opened one of the devices by pressing the max for live button ( to open max) and I get these two errors

while I was building the session template, I didn’t have problems. It is only when I save it and open it again that it doesn’t seem to connect the video to the ebosuite screen. audio works fine.

(using Sierra OS 10.12.6 and live 10.1 beta 18)

Interesting. Thanks for sending the screenshots. You don’t have to open the Max for live editor to open the Max window. You can right-click on the top bar of the EboSuite plug-in (where the name is) and select Open Max Window in the menu that appears (see the screenshot in my first response).
I wasn’t able to open your project yet, because Im travelling and on my laptop the latest Live beta isn’t installed. Downloading that now.
I recreated part of your project with the samples you sent and that works without issues on my laptop. So Im curous what happens with Live Beta 10.1b18. I’ll keep you updated, but I might react slow because Im not in the studio. Cheers

Not a problem :wink: This project is just a test, I recorded the images and audio with syphon recorder before saving and shutting down the project. So at least I have the video for my instagram hehe

I tried to open the max window the way you told me but only the Max console showed up, that is why I tried to open it the other way around. It seems weird. Most definitely a Live Beta bug. (They implemented a new version of max, 8.0.4 I think… so it might be the problem)

Can you try to do the same thing in the official non-beta version of Live? Still didnt get the chance to install the latest beta on my laptop. Will do that later today. Hope to get you up and running soon.

I will try to do some tests with the same template but I can see already a difference between the two versions. In the beta, I can play different instances of the eSimpler device on a drumrack with legato effect ( so the video doesn’t cut out when I unpress the pads with my finger - in loop and oneshot mode it is the same) and on the other hand, in the last oficial Live release, I only get gated effect on the pads ( in loop/classic mode and in one shot mode too)

I’ll let you know if I find a way to make it work on the official version later today. Cheers!

Hi, I’ve been playing with your set in Live Beta 10.1b18 and I have the same issues. Worse, I have the same issues with eClips and eSampler as well. In the project you sent me I have those issues consistently, even when I load that MIDI track separately in a fresh project or when I strip the project down to just one eSimpler. When I build a project from scratch I have this same issue not consistently but every now and then. So I advice you to not use this beta version, but just the official version. I haven’t seen these issues there.

Can you elaborate a bit more on the remarks about legato/gate in your last comment? I am not sure that I fully understand what you mean. Are you available for a Skype session tomorrow or Thursday? I would like to discuss what your ideal workflow would be. Cheers!

Hi! Thank you for testing my template in the last beta version. It has to be a bug with the new max version they implemented. I’ll need to do some tests on Live 10.0.6. I will send you an email to let you know if I have some time to do a skype session tomorrow (today will be a bit hard for me). I think friday would be perfect for me as I will be at my studio at 19h, but I’ll might be able to do one tomorrow. Let’s talk by email. Cheers!