"There is already an eVideoIn device in this track, this device is disabled."

Hi guys,

Any track with an eVideoIn together with an eISF displays this error message. I end up having to delete the eISF and then reload it to bypass the error.

Should I just uninstall 1.71 and reinstall 1.7? Will automations and projects save going backwards?

Also, out of curiosity, is any of your staff open to a personal consultation? I have been streaming with your software and our project is starting to take shape; however, I would like some personal one-on-one feedback to better understand your software to make it as good as possible.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jared
The eVideoIn and eISF plug-ins are both ‘source’/‘instrument’ plug-ins. You can have one of this type of plug-in on your track. To use ISF shaders with an eVideoIn plug-in use the eFX-ISF plug-in. You’ll find that in the eFX folder. I will send you a private message about personal consultation.