Settings eSampler file missing


I’m completely new to EboSuite and ready to familiarize myself with it… so I’ve bought and installed the product and when running the demo everything seems to work fine. Except Ableton is notifying me of one missing file: eSamplerSliceSettings.AMXD

Strange thing is, that it’s looking for the file in Users/mattiesgrooten/… etc.
When searching in my own User Library => EboSuite/Tools the mentioned AMXD file isn’t there, so I cannot relocate / point it to the correct location.

Searching for the file on my computer and external disk doesn’t come up with anything either.
Reinstalling the product didn’t fix the problem. How can I solve it?

Hope you can help me out, thanks.

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Hi Maik,
The eSamplerSliceSettings.amxd should be located in the Tools folder in the EboSuite plug-ins folder. Is it not there?

Are you running the demo that opens after the installation? I tried out the 2.0 installer and that demo project and both work fine here (eSamplerSliceSettings.amxd is in the Tools folder after installation). So I am not sure what is happening, but it should be easy to fix. What happens when you open the eSamplerSliceSettings presets from the Presets folder?

Hello Jeroen,

Thanks for your effort helping me out.

You’re referencing another file: eSamplerAnalyserSettings.amxd
Yes, that one I have in the mentioned Tools section.
What it seems to be missing is: eSamplerSliceSettings.amxd

Could you please have a look at Edit => Manage Files => Manage User Library.
Also with no projects open (blank Untitled start) it doesn’t find the Slice settings file.
As you can see from my screenshot it points to someone else’s home dir (developer…?).

Oh sorry, indeed. eSamplerSliceSettings.amxd is the old beta-test name of that plug-in. Matties is a developer indeed.
On my computer this file is also showing as missing. It probably is still referenced somewhere. Thank you for notifying us about that. You don’t need this file, because it is an older version of the eSamplerAnalyserSettings.amxd. Does it cause any problems for you? We will look into this and clean this up for the next release.

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No problem! If it’s just a leftover that doesn’t interfere with EboSuite functioning as it’s suppose to, then for me it can wait until a future update.


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