Problem activating clip envelopes

Hi! I´m using the last version of ebosuite with Live 10.1 and my configuration is about 3 tracks in session view with some plugins (ISF, blend, transform… ) and i program some envelopes on the clips( on/off devices, dry/wet, isf parameters… ) The thing is that when i run the row of the clips sometimes the envelopes doesnt work as i expected and the only solution is to select the track who is not working. Not the clip, the track in the top of ableton.

Anyone else notice this behaviour?


Hi, this issue sounds like an Ableton or Maxforlive issue. Do you use the latest version of 10.1? According to the changelog of Ableton Live 10.1.13 they fixed issues related to communication with Maxforlive devices (but there still might be issues left). The log states “Max for Live devices that are not visible are now correctly notified of active state changes”. In the latest Max version, 8.1.6, issues relating to this are fixed as well. Automating the device On/Off parameter is tricky anyway, so be careful with that. I hope this helps! Cheers

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I didnt know about all this issues and seems to be the reason of my problems… I was avoiding to update ableton because i mostly work with photos and the new version of ableton doesn´t load photos as clips. A few months ago I tried with the esampler and photos but the performance was not good. Maybe is more efficient do a 2sec video of the photo to work with them. Any thoughts on this?

Hi Vic.bit, photos should work well in the eSampler. What is wrong with the performance? How big are the photos? Did you try the eSimpler as well? Does it have the same results?

If I remember well, there was some issue with the looping of the image and also the cpu performance was much higher than the photo as a clip. I will try again these days and come back with the results.