No Video output

Hello! I am new to Ebosuite. I have a video output issue. I am on Ableton 10.1. I dragged the eClips to track three put eOutput on the master. Dragged a video clip to track 3 and pressed play on the clip and I had no output am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

Hi, welcome to EboSuite! :slight_smile:
Are you using warped clips? Did you save the warp markers?

Another thing:
When you are using Ableton 10.1 make sure to download the updated eSimpler and eSampler, because there is an issue with Max 8.0.4 that comes with Live 10.1. Read more about that here:

Thank you so much! I will try that today and keep you posted!

That did it! Thank you so much!!! :wink:

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If you are using Live 10.1: there seems to be more issues with Max 8.0.4, so we’ll release another update of the devices soon (all EboSuite plug-ins, not only eSimpler and eSampler). So keep an eye on the EboSuite forum and Facebook group. Cheers