March update initial findings

some findings that i have noticed after a half day of playing.

etrack transform -
if you make changes to position then delete device
the position stays where you last left it. doesn’t erase what the plugin has done.

drum rack sampler rack. i had made a drumrack with a blank esampler on each pad for 16 pads and saved it as an instrument for recall later.

when i updated the new version (march1st) i noticed all the pads in my rack were triggering the same (video clip) .

i remade the rack and all seems to be ok now. not sure exactly why this happened im thinking maybe if you don’t save rename each new sampler on each pad of the rack it gets confused.

but im not sure .

keep up good work . great fun!
hope this helps.

hi Tunnelsurf,
thanks for the feedback!

Can you explain in what situation the position stays after you delete the eTrackTransform device? I actually spent quite some time on this to make this work right and I cannot find a situation yet on my system where it doesn’t, can you help me find out what is different in your situation?

Secondly the drum sampler rack issue:
Did you save it as instrument or rack?
You said you saved blank eSamplers, but how can they trigger the same video clip? Was the first clip you loaded into all of them? Or where al notes triggering 1 drumpad?
A few parameters of the eSampler have changed, and sometimes Ableton can have trouble recalling a set which used an older version, but I still don’t understand exactly what was going on in your case.

hey timo,

seems these problems were arising with a session made with last version of ebo then opening them in the new version. for this particular session the etransform settings got stuck but after using it in other projects seems to work good.

the instrument rack issue also happened in the same session. i did save it as a rack device upon first open in the new ebo sutie it only triggered once clip but midi clip was clearly playing different notes. i recreated the rack and saved and all is working fine.

it may have been some error with that session. i will keep you updated.
back to all good.

hey guys , sometimes deleting esyphon from the master track crashes ebo
if you hit reload in the pop up it will start up and work normal .

tried a fews times and noticed this , doesen’t effect much as it loads quick and your off to working again . but it does seem to crash


Thanks for reporting this issue. We will check it out.