Looping playback issue


For some reason, some clips I’m using in an eSampler on looping mode (set to “relative”) have a weird glitch where when I trigger the sample, instead of starting right at the start point I’ve set, it first flashes the last frame I left off at the last time that eSampler played.

It’s almost like it’s been holding the last frame it played and then spits it out right at the beginning the next time I trigger the eSampler.

I’ve tried with .mov and with .hap – and these videos use transparent alpha layers, if that makes any difference. I have the eSampler set to Video only.

Any ideas? Been trying various things all morning and can’t get it to consistently work properly. ebosuite has been crashing frequently as well.



Hi Chris

I didn’t manage to recreate this issue here, can you send me a video you are using and the Ableton project? Can you send me the crash reports as well when you have a crash? That would be very interesting. Thanks!