Load time for a Live project

Hello, to perform live is there a way to speed up the loading time on a macbook pro of a recent Live project which contains 4 Video drums tracks each with around 30 video files in Hap format as well as around 15 Tracks audio (Loops Wav) and / or Midi (Instruments) ?!
Because by default it takes a while … between loading each projec

Hi Npx, I think the only way to speed up load time is to reduce the amount of different elements (clips, plug-ins, automation, instruments, m4l devices) in your project, especially complex Max for Live devices and (3rd party) audio instruments (for example Kontakt with a big sample library loaded). The eSampler is the most complex EboSuite plug-in. Depending on how you use the eSampler in your project, you could replace it for an eSimpler plug-in. The eSimpler is much lighter and therefore loads much faster, but has much less features and no audio output). If you need audio and video you should combine it with a Simpler (the eSimpler will automatically load the video file that you load into the Simpler, so Simpler plays audio and eSimpler plays video, find a tutorial below), but the Simpler is pretty heavy as well.