Issue with and dropbox

I keep my Ableton User Library cloud-synced via dropbox so that I can move easily between my laptop and desktop computers.

Since installing ebosuite, my dropbox has been stuck and unable to finish sync. Dropbox support isolated the symlinks within the hidden as the culprit and told me that I would continue having problems unless I move that file out of my dropbox. However, removing my ableton library from my dropbox isn’t an option for a number of reasons.

My question – is there a way to run ebosuite with the ebosuite folder anywhere other than within the ableton user library? Or can I move just the hidden file somewhere else on my computer?



Hi Chris
Sorry for the late reply. You could try to move the to another location and add an alias of that file to the EboSuite folder in your DropBox (right-click on the and select ‘Make Alias’ from the menu to make an alias). Make sure to rename the alias to (so the exact same name as the original). You’ll have to do this again when you install a new update of EboSuite. I hope this works for you.

This worked, hooray! Thanks! I had tried making aliases of the app and the EboSuite folder without luck – it was the renaming of the app that was the crucial step!

In case anyone else keeps their Ableton User Library Synced via Dropbox, here is a walkthrough of exactly what to do so that the “symlinks” inside the EboSuite app don’t grind your dropbox sync to a halt!:

  1. in the eboSuite folder (within ableton user library), type: COMMAND-SHIFT-PERIOD to “show hidden files”
  2. Locate the .ebosuite app and move it to the mac’s “applications” folder (or somewhere outside of the dropbox).
  3. Right-click on the app and select “make alias”.
  4. Drag the alias back into the EboSuite folder in the ableton user library
  5. Rename the alias to “” – as soon as you do this, the “.app” part will probably disappear, because mac’s finder does not show .app extensions, but it is essential that it be named this way.

So excited that this works. thanks again!


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Good to hear! Thanks for sharing the walkthrough.