Freeze last video frame when triggering slices with Esampler?

Hi there,

I’m a big fan of the esampler plugin, which i’m currently using for triggering qoutes from a ‘talking head’ videofile. However, I was wondering if there is some way to not end a ‘trigger’ / ‘oneshot’ with a black screen?
I’m trying to ’ play ’ a video of a character that’s talking. So, the video is sliced up in for example 16 pieces, and i’m hitting random keys so that the speech of the character is chopped up in a random way.
When i sequence notes in a grid, the black screen won’t happen because i can make the notes fit the grid perfectly. But when playing ‘live’ it happens that at the end of a slice the black screen occurs before i hit the next note. (which gives it a bit of a stroboscopic effect :)).
I understand that this is perfectly logical because of the way the e-sampler works, but would it be possible to make a slice or video freeze on the last (or first) frame? In that case the screen doesn’t go immediately to black…which would be, in some cases, more usefull i think.

Yes, you can do it with the new freeze knob! (if you put it to the right to freeze the last frame or to the left to freeze on the first one)



Great! Thanks, had to update my version to see it :slight_smile: