Export audio/video sync problem

Hi guys,
I’m trying to export with siphon recorder both the audio and the video (with a process I’ve already used in the past: selecting Sound flower 2ch for audio output in ableton and for audio input in syphon). But, strange enough, the result is that the recorded audio is like 1 or 2 semitones up and so it goes out of sync with the video.
Tryed to choose different audio export options in syphon (aac, linear pcm etc) but with the same result.
And it’s really strange because, how I’ve said, it’s something I’ve done in the past without this issue.
Some advise?

HI Max,

The symptoms you describe sounds like as if the audiostream that is received is interpreted wrongly and written to a file as if it would have been a different samplerate.

Can you check the samplerate of the audiotrack in the created videofile?
Is it different then the samplerate you set in Ableton?
Maybe your system settings are set to a different rate than Ableton’s and soundflower/syphon recorder doesn’t play nicely with this?
Lastly: have you updated syphon recorder since the last time you have used it succesfully?

I hope this will help in solving your issue