"Error: There are already 4 sources..."

Hey gang,

Loving EboSuite so far! As I’m trying to figure out my best workflow, I’m having a hard time working around this error:

“There are already 4 sources in this set, this device will be disabled”

When I get this error, I have tried to delete other sources, so there is only 4, but the error does not go away. Is this a bug?

I’m cool with only using 4 sources, but I guess I wish the option was up to ME to select which ones can be enabled/disabled in my session. Is this possible?



Hi Josh
That sounds like a bug. If you delete sources the error should go away. We will check that on Monday.

EDIT: it’s not a bug, please read Timo’s reply below.

Hi Josh,

It currently works as follows:
If you have 4 sources and add a 5th then that new one is automatically disabled and the message you quoted is shown.
This message stays there.
You need to remove that 5th source, delete another source you want to replace and add it again.

Let me know if you can reproduce this, if not: let’s investigate further what is going on.

I understand that this can be confusing, sorry for that. A more automatic solution might be added in the future, but that will also give its own unexpected results (say you have 6 sources, remove 1 active source, which one of the 2 previously inactive sources takes over?).

Your last question asks for something else: a dynamic way to switch make a source active/inactive. I understand why this can be desirable, but this requires quite a few changes to do this properly. I’ll add it to the feature request list.