Drums Racks / Png eClip

how many drums racks (with each 15/20 video sampler hap format without audio) can we use in an ableton project : I tried with 4 drum racks plus 2/3 plugins on each track but it reacts weirdly: jumps on the plugins as well as the video !?
Furthermore, Png and Jpg cannot be imported into an audio track with eclip, contrary to what is indicated in the manual page 8
Thank you in advance for your answers

The Ebo guys said that the manual will be updated soon. This feature has been removed, due to changes by Ableton in the latest version.

I just updated the manual. Unfortunately Ableton removed support for image files on audio tracks since LIve 10.10.x, so eClips can’t be used to play image files since then.

Hi Npx, you can use up to 400 video’s in a project. If needed we will make this number higher. It doesn’t matter if videos are loaded in the eSampler, eSimpler or on an audio track with an eClips plug-in.

4 Drum Racks with 2/3 plug-ins isn’t much, so that should work without any problems. What do you mean with ‘jumps on the plug-in as well as the video’?