Does EboSuite use my high performance display adapter?

My 2018 MacBook Pro has a Radeon Pro Vega 20 display adapter in it along with the default Intel UHD Graphics 630 card. Does EboSuite use my Radeon Pro card?

It should, but sometimes the OS can do weird things.
You can check it by making the status bar visible of the EboSuite window
(view-> statusbar)


Base on the screenshot in the original post, what does this status bar tell me?

macOS switches automatically to the Vega 20 as soon as an app requiring graphics is opened
you can double check this by dowloading the app gfxcardstatus


What does the Status Bar: CPU: 27.4% show me? GPU usage? Main CPU usage? Ableton was using 2% at the time this screenshot was taken. How can I optimize this CPU usage?

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CPU, Memory and Disk usage are statistics provided by the OS (similar to what is seen in Activity Monitor App)

CPU Shows cpu usage for the EboSuite app as seen from the outside the app. So all the stuff that happens in EboSuite in your case takes 27.4 of CPU processing power of your computer.

As far as I know, Live does not show it’s total CPU usage, you can verify this with Activity Monitor:

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