Crop to Clip Start/End - Econvert

I’m dragging pop videos and similar into arrangement view - normall H264.

I make say an 8 bar loop and try to use econvert with crop to start/end.

I can’t get it to work. Doesn’t work in session view either actually.

Is this common or shall I send an example?

It should work both in session view & arrangement, what is your workflow? (just tested it here)

  • you should have a an EboSuite source in your set (like eClips, eSampler or others) which opens the EboSuite app and window.
  • You should not drag the video to the eConvert plugin, but select the clip and press ‘convert selected clip’

I hope that helps, does it work now?

I replied by email but no - it still doesn’t work.
I sent you a link to the video and .asd file

there is indeed an issue, sorry for that, I will look into it
In the meantime you can turn off warping temporarily, then it works fine (and it keeps the same start-end markers).